For Basic(type in the answer) card types does red/green highlighting still work?(2.1.55)

I recently downloaded anki Version 2.1.55 Intel version for MacOS. I have noticed that for the card type Basic(type in the answer) the red/and green highlighting does not work anymore to show if you typed in the answer correctly. How do I get it back? Instead the answer is displayed to the right of the question.

in your image, there isn’t a “Back” text, only “Front” Text, maybe that is why?

Add a new "Basic(type in the answer)” in Preferences → “Manage Note types” and try with that, if that don’t work, then maybe there is an add-on conflicting it, then run disabling add-ons (shift+ open anki)

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I found my problem. On the back template I just had {{Back}}. I changed it to {{type:Back}} and it is working now!



Thanks for the help!

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