Filtered Decks ONLY — "contraindications"?

I’m planning to henceforth only have 2 decks: ‘Inbox’ and ‘Archive’.

All learning/repping is done via ‘Filtered Decks’; once a card reaches a certain interval, it is moved to the ‘Archive’ deck.

Anything wrong with that? There are fewer deck options; but as long as I’ve got ‘Random’ selection, I’m fine … :wink:

What is your motivation for this rather complicated usage of Anki?


Well, that’s like philosophising about ‘folders vs tags’ for file storage; there are pros and cons for both approaches :wink:
In the end, IMHO, tags are more flexible …

I’ve been doing this for a few days now … like it. Flexible, plus it’s easier to manage the daily ‘rep load’ … :wink:

The add-on shown on the image is really helpful.

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