Fields with blanks in the name fail search in brower

Using Version 2.1.33 (3f403040) desktop.

I go to browse, and select a deck on the left. The deck contains a field called Spanish Example1
I want to find cards with this field blank, so I have in the search in the browser:
“deck:Food Words” “Spanish Example1”:
This returns nothing, which I know is incorrect, and I thought used to work in the past.
Instead, I use
“deck:Food Words” *Example1:
which works OK.

I have tried this with other decks that contain some blank entries but have a field name without a space, and they function as expected.

The colon needs to be inside the double quotes:

“Spanish Example1”:
“Spanish Example1:”

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Thanks Rumo, that works as it should. I did try various options, but that was not one of them. Thanks for your prompt and clear response.

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