Fields don't display their contents in Brower

My Anki’s problem: Fields don’t display their contents in Brower.
My computer is using the latest version of Anki.

Thank you!

If you click on the </> icon to the right of a field to show the HTML view of it, does it show anything?

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From your suggestion, I tried to click </> but it didn’t respond.

Please check that there are not any add-ons causing the problem. See When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

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i have just disabled all my Anki’s addons but the problems still remain. hic

My easy solution to this problem :joy: : and the abovementioned problems doesn’t happen to Anki Anki_2.1.49. So when i need to add/edit cards i will use Anki 2.1.49, and only use the lastest version of Anki for learning or reviewing cards.

Could you please post the HTML content of your fields when it works, ie. in version 2.1.49?


That’s not a real solution though :slight_smile: It’s very rare that errors like this aren’t caused by an add-on. Maybe you can help us debug the issue so you can continue using up-to-date Anki versions in the future.

First try what @BlackBeans has said. Then the following would be the next step:

With these instructions you can open web developer tools inside Anki:

Once the dev tools show up, navigate to the “Console” tab and check if there are any error messages (usually marked red). If you find something, post it here wrapped in triple backticks, e.g.:

error message

(Or just take a screenshot.)

Please make sure AnkiWebView Inspector is the only enabled add-on.


Thanks for providing this info! Your editor crashes before it is fully loaded, hence no content inside the fields.

Does this happen on every notetype/deck of yours? Something causes an infinite loop… if it only happens on certain notes, I would love to take a look at a sample note myself.

Do you know how to upload decks to AnkiWeb?

How to share a deck via AnkiWeb

Log into Account Login - AnkiWeb and click on “Actions” next to the deck you want to share:


Then click “Share”:


Ideally, you’d share a deck with 1 note that suffers from this issue.

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I tried removing unused fields and then Anki brower works.
WWow, maybe the number of fields exceeds Anki’s field limits (roughly 350 fields)

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