Feedback on the new graphs in Anki/AnkiMobile

Part one, due to posts being limited to two links

I can see the potential in these new stats, but I’ll be honest: my first thought was ‘o shit I wish I could downgrade’.

These new stats just don’t have the same information density as the old stats. I dislike having to scroll or tap on things to get the same information that was just there before.

I dislike having to tap the ‘card counts’ bar before I see the percentages, as opposed to them being displayed together with the graph itself. Once the little pop-up window is there, there is seemingly no way to dismiss it. As for as I’m concerned, it would be an improvement if both the bar and the data from the pop-up window were displayed by default. Here’s a mockup.

The biggest offender for me is the ‘cards due tomorrow’ value. In the past all I had to do was click the stats button and it would be there for me to see, above the fold.

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Part two

Now it appears below the fold, so I have to scroll down.

Worse, I also have to tap on a teeny tiny bar in order to see this information. I know I can pinch to zoom, but I don’t want to have to scroll, pinch to zoom and click to see some basic information that was just there before. Also, if I do pinch to zoom, the pop-up window that appears when I tap a bar is so huge that half of it appears off-screen, so that’s even more scrolling.

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Part three.

I would love if the ‘cards due tomorrow’ number was displayed below the graph, like in the old stats and like in my mockup for the ‘card counts’ section above. I would also love it if the pop-up window has a fixed size, so that it always fits on the screen, no matter how far you zoom.

I also think the heatmap (which I love!) would really benefit from having some statistics displayed right underneath it, like the ‘Review Heatmap’ add-on does. Average number of cards per day, percentage of days Anki was used, current streak length and longest streak length, for example. That would be very motivational! Again, it could look something like the mockup I made for the ‘card counts’ section.

I also have some issues with spacing and sizing of various elements. I find the balance between the size of the headers (huge) and the amount of empty space above them (not much) a bit off. Either make the headers a bit smaller, or put a bit more spacing in between the various segments. That way, there’d be a bit of breathing room; it’d look more orderly and less chaotic/cramped.

The spacing between the options radio buttons (‘1 month’, ‘3 months’, ‘95%’, etc.) and the description of the graph is also much too small. It impacts the legibility of the description. I’d add some extra space there as well, or (even better) move the radio buttons to the bottom of the graph. That way you’d get the title, the description of what you’re looking at, the graph itself and then the options.

You may have noticed in my first mockup that I increased the spacing between the sections a bit. I also moved the buttons to select the year in the heatmap to the bottom of the chart. I think it looks a bit cleaner that way :slight_smile: Here is another mockup of what my spacing/positioning suggestions would look like with the other charts.

Though, to be fair, I did think the way it used to be was much more elegant than the current situations and my own suggestions. One set of buttons to control all the statistics.

Finally, I’d be really happy if there could be some customisability in terms of the order in which the graphs appear. I’d like to be able to see the ‘Future Due’ graph above the fold, for example, cause that is the one I care most about.

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Appreciate the detailed feedback.

Please grab yesterday’s update from the app store, as it addresses some of your points already. A couple of comments:

  • not easily discoverable, but tapping on a radio button (even an already selected one) is a way to hide the tooltip
  • is it just the ‘due tomorrow’ figure that you’re wanting to see immediately, or the entire future due graph?
  • I’m in two minds about displaying a “streak” - I know some users like it, but it also causes some users to obsess over not losing it, when it’s perfectly fine to take a day off occasionally if the backlog is not allowed to grow.
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In the new “future due“ graph, what does checking or unchecking the backlog box do. I couldn’t find anything about this in the documentation.

Working on Windows 10 64 bit (although it already worked with beta 1 and 2)!

Edit: Just a tiny style change suggestion for the review graph:
Maybe add a small margin between the colored box and the word, and then vertically center it.

I’ve always enjoyed the visual representation of the original pie chart so it would be fantastic to have it back or at least have the option to have it displayed in the new stats view

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You can do so by holding shift and pressing on Stats. That’ll bring the old stats screen back :)))

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Yup thankfully I managed to find that keystroke but it would be nice to be able to integrate the pie chart in the new stats screen so you wouldn’t have to flip back and forth between the two :slight_smile:

A lot of people in data visualization argue against using pie charts, such as

The bar in the new stats represents the same information in more compact way, and doesn’t require judging angles. It is similar to the “Languages” bar shown in the right column of

The next update will show the individual counts without having to tap/hover.


Oh that’s interesting! I didn’t know this was a thing so thank you for the read

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Hey there Damien!

First time posting here on the new Forum, I am Fin, if you remember me.

The new statistics page on mobile looks fancy! But I noticed that the space between the header that always stays (last 12 months, full history) and the actual statistics is very small, actually there isn’t even any, is there? It looks kinda crammed that way. Maybe just add a line of white pixels under the header or have it fade somehow?
Adding some (oh only one, as I am a new user) images to show you what I mean.

Edit: i just saw that it’s actually better in the .64 beta.

There’s a topic about that here:

Thanks Fin; this looks like a regression caused by a change in font size. I’ll address it in the next update.

@dae I’d love to reply to your post in the thread mentioned by andrewsanchez, but new users are limited to three posts in the same thread.

I have to say, all these limitations (links, images, posts) make it very hard for me to give proper feedback.

Anyway, here is my response to your post in the other thread:

Thanks, just downloaded the update and I am very happy with the changes!

Ideally I’d see the entire Future Due graph. The way I look at it is like this: the Future Due graph is likely to change a fair bit, especially the next 7ish days. The Card Counts graph only changes quite slowly. The calendar doesn’t appreciably change at all for me, cause I do Anki every day, so all I see is a wall of blue. The order in which the information has interest to me is thus: Future Due, Card Counts, Calendar. Furthermore, there are some statistics I am not interested in at all, such as Card Ease (I use the Low Key Anki method) and Added (I download my decks in one go). I’d love to be able to hide them.

Now, I understand that different people have different needs, hence my final suggestion of allowing us to reorder them in the app settings.

I’m not gonna lie, accidentally losing a streak has gutted me in the past and that was bad for my motivation, but on the other hand, when I reached a 365 day streak I felt immensely proud and motivated. It can work in both directions. If you end up going with a more customisable stats page, this could be another setting you could offer.

Then, something else I am a bit confused about. There are two radio buttons at the top, ‘last 12 months’ and ‘all history’. I noticed when I tapped the ‘all history’ button some of the graphs changed (Reviews, Hourly Breakdown, Answer Buttons) to an ‘all time’ view, but most of the graphs didn’t change at all. Perhaps it is because ‘all history’ only implies previous data, not future data and so the Future Due and Review Intervals graphs don’t change, but the Added graph (which is surely a backward looking graph) didn’t change either. Whatever logic is used to determine which graphs obey the radio buttons in the header isn’t clear to me.

Personally, I would like it most if the header radio buttons offered me ‘1 month’, ‘3 months’, ‘1 year’ and ‘life’ and if they changed all graphs in one go (saves a lot of tapping!). Because the final radio button in the header is called ‘life’ and not ‘all history’, it can be used for non-backwards-looking graphs as well. You could even remove the radio buttons from the other graphs once you’ve added a comprehensive set to the header. I really enjoyed the way that used to work. I love the native look and feel of these buttons, as well as the fact that the tap target are bigger than the current radio buttons.

One final note about that header: it needs a bit more spacing at the bottom. Currently, when I scroll the header will sometimes appear halfway across a graph and it’ll look rather jarring.

EDIT: I also miss the distinction between young and mature cards in the Future Due graph.

Days studied: 103% - Can you fix it?
Can you show separate months on a heatmap?

@kateg It toggles showing cards that were due in the past. I’ll make Anki hide it if you have no overdue cards in the next update.

@Nebulosa thanks for the report, fix coming in the next update.

@nneffs thanks for the continued feedback. Regarding the 12 month/all history selection - it controls how much of the review history is fetched from the database. For users who’ve been using Anki for years, there can be a significant speed difference between the two. It does not alter how many cards are fetched, so graphs that are derived from card data and not the review history do not change, and they do not need ‘all history’ selected in order to show longer periods.

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I’ve added a bit more of a top margin to sections and moved some of the graphs around - what do people think? I personally found the old order to be a little more aesthetically pleasing, but it does make sense to put the most frequently referenced stuff near the top. Are there people here who reference the card counts frequently?

Thanks for adding the number of days studied to the stats page.

One more problem: it says I’ve studied N+1 days out of N days (instead of N days out of N days). It either added one day to the numerator or subtracted one day from the denominator.

I find I am missing the pie chart…can we bring it back? Or have a user option to choose pie or bar. I read the linked article on why pie charts are deceptive to the eyes because it is difficult to get an accurate sense of things. However, since this isn’t a scientific endeavor that requires precision, I think the pie chart is more motivational and adequately represents the data.

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