Feature suggestion: Visual Feedback

Hi there!

One of the best features of Ankidroid when you’re slashing trough cards is the visual feedback the dots on the top screen can provide. I would like to suggest a similar feature should be implemented on the desktop versions. Today, several add-ons try to do it, mostly trough tooltips which look a little ugly and incompatible with the current theme, and are also often dislocated. One exception is Ankimote, with a much better visual interface, but which only appear when you’re operating it trough the cellphone companion.

Here we can see both ankimote’s feedback and the tooltip which is off-center to the left (but with the expected review date though! thats a plus!)

How difficult would it be to copy such a feature as a mainstream option? Specially with the “hide toolbar” option, I believe it would be much appreciated by all. I don’t know code, but if I can be of any help I’m available.

Kind regards to all

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This add-on by @Glutanimate does it best IMO:

For auditory feedback:


Some visual feedbacks add-ons
Speed Focus Mode (auto-alert, auto-reveal, auto-answer) - AnkiWeb
Puppy Reinforcement for Sanika - AnkiWeb (which is a fork of Puppy Reinforcement - AnkiWeb)
Leaderboard - AnkiWeb
Life Drain - AnkiWeb
Hitmarkers - AnkiWeb
Answer visual + auditory + custom text reinforcement - AnkiWeb
Progress Bar, cards done, cards left, seconds/card, time spent/left, and ETA - AnkiWeb
Progress Bar (original) - AnkiWeb

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I completely agree with Cofee_tortuguita, a standalone addon with the visual feedback of Ankimote would be awesome !