Feature request: GUI-based maths expressions like in Microsoft Word or Google Docs

Hello, I hope this finds you well.

Please could you provide users with a GUI-based system to write mathematical expressions rather than having to use markup languages like LaTeX or MathJax?

Having to use markup languages like these may be extremely difficult for novice users and would be a huge hurdle to becoming productive with Anki for them. An alternative GUI-based system to write mathematical expressions, like those found in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, would be far more intuitive and usable and would significantly improve how quickly new users can become productive in Anki.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I think there are many helper apps that do this already, so it’s just cluttering more into Anki which is outside its focus.

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Those kind of feature require man power to implement, and I don’t think Anki have such. On the other hand, MathJax is not so hard, just need some time to be accustomed to it.

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I think the vast majority of users would find a GUI-based approach far more quick and easy to use, so you could alternatively view including Maths markup languages as the cluttering - being for more advanced users who are the minority.

Yeah I think it would definitely be difficult to implement. I just thought since it would make Anki a lot more usable for the average person I’d throw it out there.

There’s a lot Anki could do, but better let the focus be on learning features.