A few bugs I've noticed with anki for desktop

Specifically, I’m using Version ⁨24.04 on an M1 macbook air (apple silicon, so an arm build).

the first issue is related to mathjax text boxes: if you accidentally delete one, hitting undo (command + z) does not work recover the rendered text, which is quite annoying! I assume this is a bug.

a second issue I just came across can be reproduced as follows: create a numbered list with some entries in it. once you’re done, make a newline below the list, and start typing something. then, hit command+m, m to do some inline mathjax. you will notice that the rendered mathjax does not appear inline. Instead, it appears on the beginning of a newline below the intended line. this too is quite annoying.

edit: this second issue applies to unordered lists, too.

There is a third performance related issue I’ve noticed, but I’m not 100% sure about how to reproduce it, so I’m hesitant to post anything about it.

There’s a performance fix for the editor coming in the next update. The others, or similar variants, are already logged on the issue tracker I believe.

hmm. It looks like these issues have been around for a while. Maybe I’ll try to fix them & submit pull requests.



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