[Feature] Locking and Unlocking of Decks and Progression

Letting users lock and unlock decks both manually or through a sort of automation, ideally, the latter.
I’ve searched around and found no way to do this the way I would like.

Basically, when a deck is locked, the deck will simply not be accessible but remain visible (visibility may be an option?)

Having the option would allow me create a level-based system using decks and its sub-decks. Once a deck would reach a certain percentage % of all its cards being in the review stage, it could unlock the next level of deck/sub-decks to learn, for a more real sense of progression.

General idea is this, based off learning Japanese:

  • Japanese
    • Level 1
      • Radicals
      • Kanji
      • Vocabulary
    • Level 2
      • Radicals
      • Kanji
      • Vocabulary
        … so on.

In this list, the lock and unlock could go various ways. Learning certain radicals could unlock kanji cards which in turn could unlock vocabulary cards, and once Level 1 as a whole reaches, say 90%, of its cards as “Review”, Level 2 and its sub-decks would then be unlock. Continuing infinitum up until level 2 millions.

I can technically already “unlock” specific cards through other cards using add-ons, thanks to tagging/custom values and suspend/unsuspend, but making an entire deck not accesible? I have found zero way to do it.

Now, I understand this might add a whole new layer of complexity to decks and I’m not smart enough to say how to do it, but I think that would… unlock an entire realm of possibilities using Anki. Food for thought.

I might not understand but doesn’t repositionning(or rescheduling I don’t remember) basically allow you to that?
You select every new card of a level and put it at the end of the deck and do the same for the levels above, and unless you learn more than 10% of your cards every day, you won’t run into the issue that the level above is being shown before you had enough of the current level.

Also personal question is there a reason you’re “learning” japanese that way rather than some other way, let’s say, sentence mining(as in based on what you consume)?

Well, honestly, this is not even for me. I’m more acting on behalf of other friends who’ve been asking for my help. I learned my Japanese mostly through constant immersion, but I know SRS stuff did help me out somewhat early in my first year, but I gave it up due to spending more time prepping my decks than actually using them to learn.

The rescheduling thing does work; it’s just that from what I’ve experimented with, ordering things into their own subdecks is far less painful that constantly reshuffling 20000+ differing words and trying to keep the “learning order” right, especially when they’re separated into different categories.

In turn, it would make it much easier to turn a mega deck into a deck that properly builds upon itself brick over brick, i.e. levels leading more smoothly into the next, while also allowing a bit more control over the actual pacing and direction of the learning at the hand of the deck builder.

At the end of the day, it may as well just be a preference thing. But maybe I am just missing one critical option somewhere that would let them do just that all within one gigantic deck.

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