Fast forward on a card which has multiple audio file : REWINED

I am learning a new language using Anki Mobile. In my deck, there are many cards that have multiple audio files.
For example,

“This is an apple, That is”
" an orange"

Anki Mobile plays these audio files in order. So I can hear,
“This is an apple, That is an orange”

But if I press “Current Audio +5s”, and the time exceeds the end of the audio, it bring me back to the beginning of the first file. It plays like
“This is an apple, That This is an apple, That is an orange”

This is not a problem when the number of audio files is small or the audio is short.
But if there are multiple audio files and the total time of the file is long, I need a lot of hustle or patience to hear what I want to hear.

What is ideal is if I press “Current Audio +5s”, really proceed 5s, "rest of the time in file A + (5s - rest of the time in file A ) in file B.
But at least, I want Anki Mobile to have a behavior that

  • if I press “Current Audio +5s” at the point where there is less than 5s until the end of the file.
  • It goes to the beginning of the next audio file, not the beginning of the first file.

All the +5s button does is tell the audio player to move forward in the current file. If you get to the end of the file, it should go to whichever file is next, just as if you hadn’t pressed the button. I tested this on my device, and that’s what it does for me.

The behavior of your device is different with mine. I tested on my iPhone and iPad pro, both with latest version of Anki Mobile and iOS.

Here is a example of a field that contain audio file names, which have the name “Audio”:


And template is simply:


Ok, I’ve reproduce the problem with a copy of your collection. It doesn’t return to the first file, it returns to the start of the file that is currently playing. This appears to be something specific to your audio files that is confusing iOS’s audio player - if you record your own voice as a comparison, you’ll find it works correctly. And if you re-encode a file, seeking also works correctly. So you should be able to work around this problem by backing up your media folder, and then using a bulk-encoding program to re-encode all the audio files.

Thank you very much for your effort.
As you indicated, if I re-encode audio files with Audacity, Anki Mobile plays files correctly, jumps to next audio when playing near the end.
I use subs2srs, It has re-encoding option, but it did not help. It seems that I have to reencode everytime using subs2srs.

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