Adding a pause between two audio files in AnkiMobile


Is there some easy way to add a pause between two files that play in succession? Or maybe delaying automatic playback of the second audio file? I use the auto advance feature so that I can use Anki handsfree, therefore having to push the playback button on the screen is not an option.

Googling this I’ve seen people adding a silence audio file between both files, but I was hoping to find a better solution than that.

Thanks a lot!

Take s look here (#3):

@cqg those will only work on the computer version

@Pere AnkiMobile doesn’t have a built in feature for this, but depending on your cards, one possible solution would be to add a one second silence mp3 to the bottom of your card template, so adds some silence before the next card plays.

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@Pere there is a way to accomplish this with the new HyperTTS addon (AwesomeTTS 2.0), if you use an SSML enabled-service.
First, use the “template” source type, and put a “insert_pause” marker before or after the field.

Then, replace this “insert_pause” marker with an SSML pause tag.

The net result is that your audio will have a 3 second pause between the English and Chinese words. You could also have a pause before/after a single field if you want, you get the idea. The reason it needs to be done in two steps (first insert pause marker, then replace with SSML break tag) is because you don’t want the HTML tag sanitization to replace your SSML tag.

Yes, I missed this was posted in the Ankimobile subforum.

Thank you all for your replies.

I saw it was rather difficult to do something that seemed so simple, so I did insert an mp3 silent file between the other files in the card.

@lucw Thanks also for that option, but unfortunately I’m not using an SSML enabled-service.