TTS pause between pronouncing of the fields

I have a lot of fields that pronounced by tts and I would like to set pauses between pronouncing of the fields.
Also between words or expressions (sentences) in the same field.
{{tts pt_PT speed=0.8:Context}}
Some ideas?

For this, I find punctuation works pretty well – comma, period, dash, etc. – as long as you can figure out which punctuation this particular TTS voice/service interprets as a pause, and which ones it will just read aloud.

I know when I play a series of audio files in separate fields (like {{1st Audio}}{{2nd Audio}}{{3rd Audio}}{{4th Audio}}) Anki gives a reasonable pause between them. Is that not what happens with TTS reading it live?

Thanks for the answer.

  1. Unfortunately the usual publication marks do not work with Google tts. I have tried all.
  2. Audio recordings are not the same as tts. They are totally different technologies.
    Maybe I should try Anki tts :frowning:

For pauses between fields, I use an audio file with silence.

<div style="display:none;">[sound:_1sec.mp3]</div>

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