TTS on AnkiDroid

What is the TTS status for AnkiDroid? Does anyone have any positive experience using TTS on AnkiDroid? Any drawbacks? Perspectives?

I have only used TTS reading in AnkiDroid on a couple of cards. For the most part it doesn’t give me what I need, because of the limited voices available in the language I need, and dependency on internet connection – but those things are pretty specific-to-user, so I don’t know how helpful an assessment that is! :sweat_smile:

[Not sure what you mean by “status” – but if you’re having trouble with it, take a look at AnkiDroid 2.16 User ManualFAQ · ankidroid/Anki-Android Wiki · GitHubFAQ · ankidroid/Anki-Android Wiki · GitHub . There are some things to make sure are setup and some template/tag fixes that might be needed.]

My preference is to have my TTS audio generated in advance – i.e. just sound files attached to the cards/notes – and for that I use HyperTTS on AnkiDesktop.

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