Failed to share a deck over AnkiWeb

hello, I’m trying since days to share a deck via AnkiWeb but I keep getting the following message: “an error occurred while sharing your deck. Please click back and try again, and if the problem continues, please post on our support site for assistance”
I tried everything I thought of; updating, trying another deck, another PC or another Browser

I just managed to solve the problem:
the actual problem was that one of my decks had a wrong timestamp so

  • I deleted all duplicated/ empty Notes; to do so go to Tool → Manage Note types → and review them
  • I went here: ankiweb . net/shared/info/196231552 and downloaded the Add-ons
  • restarted Anki → exported the deck and confirmed
  • went to Ankiweb and tried to share the deck again and it worked, even for all other deck