Exporting with line breaks and quotation marks

Hello, I am using version Version ⁨2.1.48 of the Anki app, on my laptop.
I write my notes as a text file with a tab in between the question and answer, and import them into Anki. When the answer is spread over several lines, I use quotation marks around beginning and end, like this:
Question? “Answer 1
Answer 2”

This works fine, and the cards display in Anki correctly. I have changed some notes directly in Anki, and I want to export the deck back into a text file for a back-up, and also so that I can make further changes in Notepad and import them back.

But when I export them as notes, all the quotation marks have gone, and the export has spaces in between the multi-line answers, like this:
Question? Answer 1 Answer2
I would not be able to use that format without putting back all my quotation marks and carriage returns.

If I export them as cards, it comes out like this:
Question? Answer 1
I’ve tried importing this back into Anki in a test file, and the answer is not correctly formatted and displays with the
in it instead of putting Answer 2 on the next line.

I thought I was able to do this previously, but perhaps I’m mis-remembering. I have not changed the version of Anki since I installed it a few months ago.
Could anyone explain to me how I can export my notes, work on them, and import them back with my formatting intact? Or please tell me if it’s not possible!
Thank you.

Hi, sorry my question above did not display as intended. I tried to show what happens when I export the notes as cards - it puts “
” (the letters br enclosed in “<>”) into the export, and this symbol remains there when I import them back so it displays in my answers instead of converting to a line break.

Ironically in my question the br symbol converted into a line break!

What I would like, is a way of exporting the deck into a text file with quotation marks and carriage returns, but if I have to export it with these br symbols instead, that will be ok as long as I can import it back and the br symbols will convert to carriage returns.

Is that possible? Thank you!

If you wish to import with line breaks you need to have <br>. And pay attention to import option: Allow HTML in fields.

Use “Export in CSV format” add-on.

Maybe it would be more convenient for you to work in spreadsheet. You can export in Anki as csv with this add-on and import from csv to spreadsheet. Each column is imported as a separate field.

Also see this


Thank you so much for replying, your answer has really helped me. I never understood about HTML in fields until now.
Best wishes, Jane