Notes export without tabs?

I fear it’s going to be the silliest question ever, but…

When I export a deck (either notes or cards), the resulting text file doesn’t contain tab delimiters (or any other, like comma), just a (varying) amount of spaces?

Therefore imports into other apps like Excel isn’t possible.

I reached the forums, but no no avail.

Hope the solution is at hand from someone :slight_smile:


Mac M2,
AnkiApp Version ⁨23.12.1 (1a1d4d54)⁩

I just tried it with 23.12.1 on Windows, exporting “Notes in Plain text”, and got a file with tabs.

If you open up a shell program and run:
od -c export-filename | less
do you see a bunch of \t ?

Thanks for your answer!

(I haven’t typed a shell command since last century! )

Indeed, I do get loads of \t and \n - which is great because it’s exactly what I would need to import it into Excel (provided it respects the \n…) or into Aeon Timeline.

Why do neither Excel nor TextEdit recognise this?

Maybe you’ll have more luck with LibreOffice: Text Files - Anki Manual

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