Exporting a deck package removes leech tags

I’m not sure whether this is expected behavior or not, but when I try to export a deck package with some notes that have the “leech” tag, this tag is missing when I reimport the deck back into Anki. This behavior occurs regardless of whether “Include scheduling information” is checked or not. Other tags appear to be unaffected.

Anki version: 23.12.1

To reproduce, export a deck package that contains cards with the “leech” tag, and then reimport it into a new profile. The “leech” tags will have been removed.

:thinking: I’m not able to reproduce that with 23.12.1 (Qt6, Windows 11).

I exported 8 leech-tagged Notes as an .apkg with scheduling included. When I imported them (scheduling included) into a new profile, all were still leech-tagged.

Is there anything you’re doing differently?

Ok, I didn’t notice the “scheduling included” option when importing.

When I import using “scheduling included” the leech tag carries over, but when I don’t use that option, the leech tag is removed. Again, not sure if this is intended behavior. I guess Anki automatically assumes that if you’re removing scheduling, then you want to remove all the “leech” tags as well?

I should mention that these cards actually have no review history at all, they’re example cards for a custom note type. In this note type, a little indicator appears on the card if it has the “leech” tag. This particular card is meant to demonstrate that feature.

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The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that leech tags would be removed when importing without scheduling information.

I just noticed that on the exporting page of the docs, it specifically says that exporting without scheduling information removes both “marked” and “leech” tags.

So I guess the only thing I would change is adding a similar note to the importing page of the docs. I’ll try making a pull request tomorrow to add it in.

Thanks for your help!


That sounds like a great resolution! Thanks for following through.

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