Deck options, new cards, leeches?

Sorry for the basic question, but I’ve read the manual and I’m still struggling to get this setup to work for one of my decks. I would like it to have:

  • New cards marked:
    • Good considered as learned and mature, and review is set ~9999d away
    • Again considered as learned but young, review is set ~9999d away, and tagged with leech (and ideally given a specific flag if possible)

(I use the V3 scheduler, don’t use the Hard/Easy options).

I’m not interested in reviewing these cards ever again by the way, I just want to be able to distinguish between them in the deck statistics as well as find the ones marked as Again afterwards from a tag or flag.

I’ve tried these settings:

  • Learning steps: 9999d
  • Graduating interval: 9999
  • Easy interval: 9999
  • Relearning steps: 9999d (as well as blank)
  • Minimum interval: 9999
  • Leech threshold: 1
  • Leech action: Suspend Card

This seems to give me what I want, except cards rated as Again are not tagged as leeches. What am I missing?

Edit: I found a workaround by using saved searches instead of leech tagging for this, which accomplishes the same goal. I’m still curious about what was wrong with the above though.

The leech tag is only affected when pressing “Again” on the “Review (green)” cards. So pressing “Again” on the “New (blue)” and “Learning (red)” cards has no effect. Ease Factor is also the same.


Ah, that makes sense. Seems like saved searches is the simplest solution in this case then. Thank you for the reply :+1:

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