Identify leeches by the total times of pressing Again?

Currently leeches are identified by the times of Again pressed on a review card, while pressing Again during initial learning / relearning does not count.
I don’t particularly like this mechanism because:

  1. it usually takes so long until a leech is identified, because the counter increases by at most 1 in a single day. At least for me, most of "Again"s are pressed in the early days of a card (sometimes I forgot a newly learnt card like 5 times in a single day lol);
  2. it does not really reflect how much time I have wasted on them, since the time spent on a card is proportional to how many times they have appeared, not how many times they become a “review” card.

So my question: is it possible (and how) to identify leeches by the total times of pressing Again, not only lapses. Maybe by in-app settings, addons, or changing the source code. Or maybe alternatively, automatically suspend a card if I pressed Again on it N times in a single day.


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Some things are hard to memorize, but easy to revise, once they are memorized. This is why “Again” during learning doesn’t count.


I’d say that the majority of materials don’t behave like that. Anyway the user can choose what to do with leeches, so I don’t see any harm in providing the option.

This Add-on counts and visualizes the number of Again today.
(There is no function to suspend the card, etc.)

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You can always suspend stuff you’re finding hard. This one wouldn’t be helpful for most people imo. At least in my experience, it’s whether I’m finding something hard to retain on the long term is more important.

I actually once got the idea of using difficulty for leeches but this doesn’t work apparently. So I agree that the current leech mechanism needs an update.

What you suggest may not work properly because 1. Some stuff are hard to memorize but easy to review as the other person said. 2. Counting Again during relearning is problematic. I’m not sure about this one but don’t you think if you fail multiple cards at the same time there is a higher chance of you pressing Again. Higher chance for every single card. Because you’re trying to relearn a lot of cards at the same time. Compare this to a situation where only 1 card is in relearning. That is easier to do, no?

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wow this looks cool. Thanks for making the addon.

Also inspired by this I found another addon that displays all review history of a card:, so no need to press I/Ctrl+Alt+I every time to see how much time has been wasted on a certain card.


There is also an add on that shows you the lapse:reviews ratio iirc. Derish shared it here.

Maybe it was the same one Shigeyuki mentioned.

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There is Leech Toolkit that does things based on the ratio.

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The “lapse:reviews ratio” has not been developed yet, so the TodayAgainCount I mentioned does not have that function.

Some reasons,

  • There is less need to set additional difficulty levels for the average learner.
  • I think the Leech toolkit can handle most of the problems.
  • The Leech toolkit is still in need of repair, not a new feature extension.
  • Calculating the days to do this is complicated.
  • Leech toolkit and TodayAgainCount add-ons are not too many downloads :-/

But I plan to develop it in the future.

Basically, the add-ons I’m releasing for free are byproducts of developing the game add-ons. I plan to develop a game add-on that changes the type of enemy monsters depending on the difficulty level of the cards.
For example, Zombie → Strong Zombie → Boss Zombie
So when this game add-on is completed, I can get a calculation and that I can release “lapse:reviews ratio” for free.