Error with Extended Tag AddEdit Dialogue" add-on

I have the latest version of Anki (2.1.35) on my Mac. The following comes after restarting Anki, disabling all other add-ons, etc. I just got this add-on today, and have had the problem since I added it to Anki.

I am having a difficult time activating this add-on when I am on browser. I am able to use my shortcut when editing cards (“p”), but it does not work specifically when I’m on browser. Here’s what is written in my config:

“basic_but_quick”: true,
“editor: show filterdialog to add single tag”: “Ctrl+t, a”,
“in tag lines dialog: insert additional line”: “Ctrl+i”,
“in tag lines dialog: open filterdialog for single tag”: “Ctrl+j”,
“open tag lines dialog: from editor”: “Ctrl+t, d”,
“open tag lines dialog: from reviewer”: “p”

There doesn’t even seem to be any mention of “browser” here.

Is there anything that could be done to fix this issue?