Error when undoing seeing a card for the first time

I have an issue wherein whenever I press undo on a card that’s been shown for the first time and just added to the learning cue (for example if I accidentally go forward without paying proper attention tho the card), that card disappears for the day.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Have deck with 10 new cards today.
  2. Go through the first 5 and and grade them good. There should now be 5 blue and 5 red cards as usual.
  3. Press “undo” 5 times to undo all five new cards.
  4. While in the reviewer, the count of blue cards will increase as reviews are undone, but the number of red cards do not decrease. (Expected result: 10 blue cards, 0 red cards. Actual result: 10 blue cards, 5 red cards.)
  5. Press the button to return to the decks screen. The number of red cards will now go back to 0, as it should, while the number of blue will become 5. (Expected result: 10 blue, 0 red. Actual result: 5 blue, 0 red.)

It seems like the number of new cards left for the day does not go back up even though the cards have not yet been seen as they have been undone. The result is that only 5 new cards can be learned this day, unless the new card limit for the day is manually raised. Anki appears to believe than 10 new cards have been learned even though only 5 have been rescheduled for tomorrow. Following this, increasing the number of new cards in deck settings to 15 will result in 10 new cards being available for study.

Both Anki Desktop and Ankidroid work as expected, so the issue seems to be isolated to mobile.

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Thanks for the detailed report, I’ll look into this.

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Please let me know if you’d like to try a beta with a fix:

I’d absolutely be interested in testing the beta. Should I apply for an invite here? The documentation links to the old forum.

A new stable release is out now, so you can just grab it from the app store. If you’d like to try future betas, please let me know and I’ll send you an invite in a private message.

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I’ve tried the stable release. The problem seems to be solved, though the the number of red cards still doesn’t go down while inside the reviewer when undoing a card. That’s only a minor display error from what I can tell though.

I think I’ll stick with the stable version for now, but if I become more active here I might switch over later.

Thanks Damien!