Error: ” No account was found with that email address.” on iPad with web browser (not ankimobile) but not on PC

I read a post from June 25 where someone was having log in problems with the error message Error: ” No account was found with that email address.”

This is similar but not identical.

Up until two days ago I could log in to ankiweb using either the DuckDuckGo or the Safari browser on my iPad (11" Pro with most recent iPadOS 16.5.1).

I noticed yesterday the log in page looked different on both browsers and when I tried to log in I received the Error: ” No account was found with that email address.” This has persisted.

However, I am able to successfully log in to ankiweb with the most recent version of Firefox on my Windows 10 PC. I am also able to use the anki Windows PC app ( Version ⁨2.1.60 (76d88073) ) and the app syncs properly with ankiweb when opening and closing.

I’m posting this with the hopes of a solution because I use my iPad for review around 95% of the time, maybe more. Luckily I can use the PC for the time being. I hope it doesn’t persist like this but I realize it’s all free so I’m not complaining.

I’ve tested on two iOS devices, and have no trouble logging in via Safari. Do you have some sort of ad-blocking extension installed that may be affecting things? If you try log in via a private browsing window, does that make a difference?

Thank you for checking that out quickly.

I have no extensions on Safari. I also went so far as to disable every possible option such as “cross-site tracking”, “hide IP address (from trackers)” etc. and received the same error message.Same result with a private browsing window.

DuckDuckGo, which I have always used primarily, is likewise (and always has been) set to allow all permissions from the ankiweb website.

You did not specify which devices you tested. If both were iphones, it may be worth noting that iOS and iPadOS are not identical.

An odd detail, mentioned in my first post, is that the log in page appears differently than before. Prior to having any log in issues the “email” and the “password” fields appeared in the upper left third or so of the window under the “Log in” text, meaning they stretched approximately a third of the width of the window. Now they both stretch the entire width of the window and are substantially taller than before as well. This is on both browsers.

That page was updated recently, so the design changes are normal. I did test on both an iPhone and iPad without issue. Are you entering your username and password manually, or automatically using Safari’s password saver/some other password manager? If you’re doing it automatically, what happens if you do it manually? Does your email contain any symbols / non-Latin text other than @?

Perhaps related: the email address you used on this forum ends with .me, but the one you used on AnkiWeb ends in .com

The manual entry of email address and password worked. Great suggestion! I should have thought of trying that but I’ve never had any problem with the iPad’s stored passwords function, which works with both browsers, so it never crossed my mind.

The reason the addresses are different is that I could not log in to the forum using the .com address and password that I use for ankiweb so I created a new account and password for the forum, not wanting to mess around with what was working for the ankiweb site.

Many thanks for your assistance.

You have quite an old AnkiWeb account, and back in the day AnkiWeb used to use a username instead of an email - is it possible your browser was filling that in, instead of an email?

No, the password app/manager, which is the one built in to the iPadOS, was using my email address. I am sure of it because it displays upon auto filling. I had also at the very beginning of the problem confirmed it had the correct password (even though the error message was related to the user information, not the password).

I can’t remember the last time I used a user name for logging in to Anki but it certainly predates owning the iPad.

In the password app I deleted the existing entry and created a new one and the new one (with the same information as the old one) works fine. Apparently, after the ankiweb log in page update some communication issue between the log in and the password app developed.

Thanks again for your assistance.

It’s a bit of a mystery, but glad you were able to resolve the issue in any case :slight_smile:

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