Error in downloading from the web version to sync cards

I opened Anki on my desktop and saw a message which required me to sync the desktop and cloud version by either downloading from the cloud or uploading to the cloud. I chose to download from the cloud, which I have done before without any problems. But this time, I got an error message. (Sorry, it was only there a short time, so I didn’t have time to get a photo.) Then the sync started. I can’t recall whether the sync started by itself or I selected something to start it. The sync is now stuck, saying “Checking media … 0/9kBup, 0.2 kB down.” It will not progress beyond that point and I have the little circle going round and round also suggesting that Anki is stuck. I also have a dialogue box to update Anki. See below photo showing the “stuck” state.

I have tried rebooting my PC and reopening Anki, but I get the same stuck sync. How can this be fixed?

You can disable syncing on startup by holding down the shift key as Anki starts (though this might also disable checking for updates?).

You can also just download the latest version straight from the website and install it. Doing so shouldn’t affect your collection.


In general, when you have an issue your first reflex should always to update your software (not only Anki).

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