Error cloze no sale el texto

Buenas a todos, ¿alguien podría decirme por qué cuando sale la tarjeta solo se ve [escriba su respuesta] y ningún texto antes? ¿Y cuando le doy a mostrar respuesta sí se ve todo? Por favor busco en todas partes pero no consigo resolverlo Adjunto fotos:

Subiendo: image.jpg…

My guess is you have installed an add-on on the computer version that is making it behave that way. If you hold down the shift key while starting Anki to disable add-ons, you should see the card appears the same way as in AnkiMobile.

You can fix the problem by disabling/removing the add-on, then editing your card template. From the editing screen of the computer version, click on Cards…, and then add this to the top of the front:


And replace the top line of the back template with this:


If you don’t want to type in the answer, leave the back template alone, and remove {{type:cloze:Text}} from the front side.