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I got the Anki update like 2 days ago. Ever since, I have had problems using my Anki:

When I got back on Anki after getting the update, I used my 8BitDo controller (as I always do) and something was funky. All it would let me do was press “enter” which would reveal the card. After I got to this point, it was not allowing me to do anything else; I could not chose any other keys, so I could not advance the card. Every time I tried to push the corresponding button on my controller for “easy”, “hard” , etc., it would come up with the message: Error: AttributeError(type object ‘QFrame’ has no attribute ‘Panel’"). I thought this was really weird, but I thought maybe I needed to restart Anki and switch to using my laptops keyboard for a while to let the add on that allows me to use the controller to update with the new Anki system. HOWEVER, when I tried using my keyboard, the exact same thing happened! I would press my spacebar for “enter” and it would let me see the card, but after that point, there was nothing else I could do. The same “Error” message comes up as mentioned previously. This led me to restart Anki a bunch of times and try to see if there was anything I did wrong but I don’t think there is. And I don’t think it is a problem with the controller, because the same thing is happening with my keyboard. It’s almost like Anki isn’t recognizing anymore which keys mean which things- both on my laptop keyboard and the Anki controller. But again, all I did was update to the new version of Anki!

I’m pretty frustrated and so I’ll try anything if someone will just please help me!

You are probably using an add-on (or several), and the add-on author hasn’t updated it to work with the new version of Anki.

In the menu you can see Tools / Add-ons. Which add-ons are you using?

Try disabling add-ons one by one, as described in the Troubleshooting - Anki Manual checklist.

It’s probably not related to your 8BitDo controller, since the same issue presumably happens if you use the keyboard, as you mentioned.

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I’m using:

Advanced Review Bottom Bar


Button Colours Good Again

Contanki - Controller Support for Anki beta

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts

Fastbar- with nightmode support

Image Occlusion Enhanced

Life Drain

Review Heatmap

Special Fields

Speed Focus Mode auto-alert auto-reveal auto-answer

Okay, so you can try following the procedure described in 2. Check add-ons in the Troubleshooting - Anki Manual page that I linked above.

That should identify which add-on is causing the problem.

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