Anki Error with upgrading

I upgraded Anki on my laptop, and it’s going bad
I tried re-install, but i couldn’t restore.
Do you know how I should do ?

起動中にエラーが発生しました: ⁨Traceback (most recent call last):
File “aqt.main”, line 200, in init
File “aqt.main”, line 249, in finish_ui_setup
File “aqt.toolbar”, line 274, in draw
File “aqt.webview”, line 549, in stdHtml
File “C:\Users\w71ba\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1431333984\”, line 335, in standard_css_new
palette = theme_manager.default_palette
AttributeError: ‘ThemeManager’ object has no attribute ‘default_palette’

Deactivate this addon:


Hold down the Shift key while launching Anki. Then go to Tools / Add-ons, click on the add-on name (Change Interface Font), and then click on the “Toggle Enabled” button. That disables the add-on.

It’s odd, because this add-on claims to have been updated to work with Anki 23.10… which version of Anki are you using? You can see that in Help / About.


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