'End' option in reviews

is Anki never going to show me this card again if I press ‘good’?

Even if it does not show me this card in the main review session, will be able to add it in a filtered/cram mode session and do it from there?


if you press good, it removes it from that custom study session and won’t show you again in that session.

you can create another custom study session right after you pressed good, anki can show you that card again in that custom study deck.

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thank you for replying!

  1. So, from what I understand, this card will never again show up in the Lightyear review deck?

  2. Other than this particular card which came up in the custom session, if I get an ‘end’ option in the main Lightyear review, will that card never show up again?

End removes it from the custom study/filtered deck. It will appear again in its original deck when it becomes due.