Email verification


I got an email from ankiweb asking me to verify my email address.
I’ve been using anki for a few years and have never been asked to verify my email.
I was wondering if this was a a fishing attempt?
I know I associated the question with not the most accurate category , but it was the closest one.


If you are posting here on this new forum, it means that you just did created a new account on the new forum, then, the email you are receiving should be valid.

To be sure you are not being conned:

  1. Do not click on the link at the email,
  2. Copy it the link to and assure it has the following format:
  3. If the link has the format above, copy and paste it into your browser and access url.
  4. If the link does not start with then, it is a fishing attempt and you should report the email as a phishing scam.

I think Evandro’s thinking of something else - please see

I just got two emails regarding activation of a “child Anki account” linked to my address that strike me as obviously fraudulent and that link to addresses. Where can I report this as a phishing scam?

Email providers usually have an option for Phishing Scam report

You can also report it directly to Google and Anti-Phishing Working Group:


For what it’s worth, this sounds more like someone mistyping their email address into the defunct robotics company’s website than a phishing scam.

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