Email verification fails

I was triying for a lot of days to recovery my account, but the email of verification email never arrive to inbox, any idea?


Did you check the spam folder?

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Please see Emails not being received - Frequently Asked Questions

my email provider doesn’t have spam folder or spam control, anyway I will chat will them thanks, anyway can you validate my email in order to avoid to change, because I tried to change to a gmail account but doesn’t work too.


and what is the sender email?

They come from

Just to clarify, you tried to reset your password, but the email never arrived, so you tried to sign up for a new account with a gmail address, but you never got the verification email? Or was there a different issue with the gmail account?

Hi, was the same issue the email never was sending to gmail too.

In my experience delivery to gmail is reliable. Please double-check you entered the address correctly, and if problems persist, please post your email on so I can look it up.