Draft system for the "Add Note" window

In the past, I’ve had bad experiences of losing content in the Add Note window, because anki or my PC suddenly shut off. For example, the Windows updates is a constant headache because the thing decides to restart the PC when I’m out of the computer (I know I can schedule, but sometimes I forget that I scheduled to a certain time).

When I create my notes, I usually leave it in the middle of the note, to continue later, because my notes are usually big, with multiple clozes. So, I’m always worried about losing content.

So, I would like to suggest a saving system that works like the “draft” in Gmail and other apps, where the user don’t need to worry about losing content. Maybe the notes get automatically saved in a “draft” category in the Browser.


PS. For clarification:
-as the user writes the note, Anki automatically saves it as a Draft;
-if the user presses Add, the Draft is discarded
-if the user closes the add window and explicitly click on the pop up accepting to dismiss the Draft, the Draft is discarded;
-otherwise (i.e., a forced shutoff happened), the Draft is kept

Just happened again. Anki crashed and I lost the note that I was creating.

Anki crashes are not frequent, but it’s painful when it happens :melting_face: