Desktop Live Preview

When editing notes in Anki Desktop - I need to click “Preview” everytime I want to see the changes I’ve made to my note in a separate window. This is cumbersome.

I make a change; I click preview, I click “>” to see the backside, oh no, the Furigana above my Kanji is completely misplaced. Change my note, click preview again, which closes the previous preview window, I click preview AGAIN, click “>” AGAIN “ah finally done”. This is really cumbersome.

I’d rather the preview window would update live or (had a refresh button as a workaround).

The new flow would be so much smoother.
I write my note, click preview - ah no the Furigana above my Kanji is misplaced! I change the note and immediately see that my fix worked. Great :slight_smile:

Try this add-on:

Why? If you don’t close the preview window, it will update as you type already.