How do I protect notes from accidental edits?

I use Anki both as an SRS system but more importantly as a “database” for all the stuff I studied. It happened in the past that while editing/copying content from cards I accidentally deleted a part of text, removed the formatting, or deleted notes altogether. Is there a way (or an add-on) to lock cards/fields unless you actually intend to edit the cards? What I really want to avoid is losing parts of texts because I’m not sure if I’d be able to notice that in the subsequent reviews.

Anki is not very flexible when editing, but it allows integration with other software. Maybe the simplest solution would be to create / edit decks externally (with any kind of protection system), and then import it in Anki.

I should have better explained the problem: the issue is not the fact that the notes get edited per se, since I can easily recover any “lost information” because I insert the source in every anki card I make; the problem is that any text/note deletion I don’t notice means that I will not review that particular piece of information that was lost.

Apologies for the double reply, I thought the first didn’t go through.

Anki has no built-in read-only feature. You could sort notes by modification date in the Browse screen to see what you’ve changed, but any deliberate edits would show there too.

Understood. I checked the forums before making this thread and there are no other posts about this issue, so I guess it’s not a much needed feature.

It’s quite rare to accidentally modify an unwanted note, and if that should happen you would usually realize it when reviewing.


Indeed, although I have some pretty “intense” anki sessions sometimes, I’m probably just paranoid.

Thank you for your suggestion in your first post by the way, I’m gonna be using OneNote from now on to store my information, since it has a read-only feature, and make cards from OneNote pages rather than storing the information in the anki cards themselves (if that’s what you meant with software integration).