Anki mobile iOS can lose content during editing

While editing a new card in anki mobile, I might switch to other apps to collect text and images.

However, if iOS decides it needs to unload anki while this is happening (which is the way iOS works), then any text / images already collected in the note are permanently lost and the app returns to a generic view e.g the deck list

Expected: while composing a card, the content you have added even before save should not be lost just because you switch to another app. This is a a behaviour expected of all ios apps.

for example, if I am part way through composing a tweet, or editing a contact, this information should not be lost just because I switch away from the app for 5 minutes.

Actual: if the Anki Mobile app is jetsammed because of memory pressure or reboot, pending edits are lost.

When you return to the app, it should show that content.


  1. One way to approach this is by saving the card automatically. (This has other problems related to the difficulty of changing card types tho!).
  2. Another way would be to preserve the unfinished content and use it to re-populate the new card fields the next time the “Add” button is pressed (directly in the UI, not via some other process/script)
  3. The best way would be that the ios mobile app uses state restoration or defaults to save the incomplete card and resume it next time the app is opened.
  4. All of the apps, desktop, mobile etc. could provide persistence for draft cards.

Hei Alex, nice name :wink:

I usually save / sync my newly created notes in Anki. I have lost data before in the past due to confusions from the interface.I don’t know how the draft stuff would work on practice but the general idea sounds good. I would love it if the input was in
a draft state instead of permanently lost :+1:t4:


Thank you for the suggestion, I agree this would be nice to have in the future.