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Downloaded 2.1.49...a tidal wave of error codes ensued XD I've bricked my anki

Hello yall!
After studying for my surgery boards I took a two year break from anki. I am now coming back to my beloved software to study for my next rounds of boards and decided to download the latest update. Boy was that a mistake. I believe I have bricked my anki.

I will post the error codes as image links below. I would attempt to remedy these errors myself however the app will not load so that I can access the menus prompted. I am guessing it’s because I had a few addons like hierarchical tags and heat map downloaded before upgrading and going from whatever old old version I was using to 2.1.49 was like warp speed eviscerating the app. I literally dont know how to remember this. I tried ye-olde unistall and redownload to no avail.

Any and all help would be appreciated!!

Here is the link to the deluge of error codes

You can start Anki without add-ons holding down Shift. Then you can remove or disable the problematic add-ons permanently.