PLEASE HELP! I cant load my app

My app wont load, i updated it so could use an add on
I have tried everything, from the shift key, to restarting it
Please someone tell me there is another way i have over 500 flashcards and am desperate

Don’t worry, your cards are safe. If you want some extra peace-of-mind, go to where your Anki profile is stored – Managing Files - Anki Manual – and make a copy of it somewhere else. (But you might want to leave out the folder, if it will take forever to copy.)

The fastest way to get you running again is to put you back on the version you were using before – Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards. Do you know what version that was?

Then there will be time to diagnose what went wrong with your update to the current version and avoid that happening again.

Some other things you can also try: Startup Issues - Anki Manual

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