Download deck from Webapp

I always back upd my Mac on the time machine (timecapsule) but after a clean install I cannot find the Anki-backup files in the time machine-backup.

Is it possible to download the cards from the online login/ankiweb in order to get them back into the desktop app?

Huge thanks in advance!

You should have an AnkiWeb account to be able to synchronize your cards. The cards won’t be available on AnkiWeb otherwise.
If you already have an account, then you can sign in by clicking the sync button on the main window of the desktop app and synchronize your cards.

These links may be helpful:


Okay thank you, i will try that tonight. And it wont delete/overwrite the „online deck“ by uploading the empty „desktop deck“?

After signing in, you may be asked whether you want to upload the empty desktop collection and override your collection on AnkiWeb, or download the collection on AnkiWeb. You should choose download in your case.

Note: I recommend watching the videos linked above at least to have a better understanding and to avoid data loss.