Download Anki problems

I think i have some problems in my computer.
I don’t know how to solve this problem after i download anki, trying to open it.
If you can use ultraviewer ( a software can control other computer)
( i can make many grammar and vocabulary mistakes, sorry about them )
Please help me.

Thank you

Please see 2.1.29: "Error loading Python DLL." on Windows 10


Oh. Thank you
But, i’ve got another problem…
I open anki again after i think i had solved that problem
And here

What should i do next?

From the download site:

Some Windows 7 users have reported seeing a “Fatal Error detected: Failed to execute script pyi_rth_multiprocessing” message when starting the latest version. If this happens to you, please use the older 2.1.15 instead.


Thank you a lot, I got it !!
… <3.
Hey… Are you vietnamese?? =))
Of course, if you don’t want, that’s fine.

No, I’m not vietnamese. Is ANH a vietnamese name? :thinking:
ANH is my initials, that’s why I use it.

yeah, it’s a very popular name :v. Anyway, thank you