Downgrading to anki 2.0 from installing Version 2.1.33 as the first installation

Is there a clean wipe and use Anki 2.0 after installing Version 2.1.33 ? I installed Version 2.1.33 first on my laptop. I’ve tried everything-- appcleaner, creating a completely new account with a NEW email. At first I wanted to use them both together, following directions from github, but this did not work- local use, but no sync-recognize new email account but no backup. I wiped all the installations and installed anki-2.0.52. That did not synch to web. I wiped that out and installed an even earlier version. That did not sync either- no back up.

I’m learning Chinese calligraphy. I will need to have all the tools…or as much as I can. Beautiful cards as well as a beautiful IU, easy to edit thousands of entry. I am asking for a lot, but if I have to learn python to get what I want, I will go back to brush, ink and paper.

Thank you!

I don’t think you are going to be able to sync from 2.0 anymore:

Thank you, I was not able to find that anywhere. So everyone is forced to use 2.1 unless they don’t use the sync function.