Double-click to highlight will always highlight the space after the word

I’m having this problem; when I double click a word to highlight it (e.g. in order to underline it, bold it, etc.), the word highlights but so does the space “character” following the word. This is annoying when underlining since the space also gets underlined which detracts from the clarity of the highlighted word a bit. Of course the underlined space can be deleted and replaced with a space without underline, but this is frustrating to have to do every time. Any plans to address this in an update?

This functionality is provided by the toolkit Anki is built on, so I’m not sure this is something that can be worked around I’m afraid.

I found a “fix” if anyone else struggles with this! If you hold the left mouse button after the 2nd click of the double click, you can drag the mouse left quickly to highlight only the word itself :slight_smile: