Problem - Pressing enter adds a space

Hi! My first time posting - would like to ask a question! After a while of adding cards, Anki will occasionally stop adding a ‘< br >’ when enter is pressed. Instead, the input becomes ‘< span style=“color: rgb(0, 0, 0);”> ’. This is resolved when I close the Add window, and re-open it.

This usually occurs after I’ve been constantly reformatting words, such as making them bold, or changing colours. I have noticed this happens in recent versions, accompanied by another issue. The other issue is normally, changing text colour doesn’t change the colour of words I type. Normally, words I type are black, and colour of words only change when I highlight them and press f7. Now, having a different text colour applies it the colour directly to the words I type.

Any explanation and solution to this (without closing the window, which is annoying as I have to migrate all ‘extras’) would be appreciated! Thanks.

Not able to reproduce, but another workaround to remove colors and highlight, instead of closing the add tab, is to use the eraser next to it, if you use the down arrow next to it, you can toggle which effects you want to remove or not

shortcut (crtl +R)

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