Does not mount decks from pc to ankidroid. Import and mount apkg files

I created APKG(s) files on PC (anki 2.1.26). Then transfer to M32 mobile with ankidroid (december 2021 - see 2.15). All decks apkg working on computer.
When trying to import (add) on ankidroid I get the message below and it doesn’t mount the decks on the cell phone. The progress bar appears. Percentage. But don’t mount the notes. And it does not recognize apkg extensions on mobile (with anki icon). They appear with BIN.
This happened with 90% of the decks apkg.

ankidroid message: “changing the scheduler of an import should not cause schema modification”.

Hours and more hours working on it, needing it on my cell phone urgently and I get this message. Almost all of the decks. And there is no online solution to the problem. I didn’t find it anywhere. I uninstalled and reinstalled ankidroid. Unsuccessfully.

Your frequent use of terms such as “mount” and “APKG” suggests to me that you are manually transferring individual files to your phone - for example, by iCloud or Dropbox.

In fact, the correct procedure is to use the “Sync” button on Anki Desktop, and the “Synchronize” button on a mobile. The whole process is easy, and transparent to the user.

I suggest you do the following:

  • Sync Anki desktop.
  • Upgrade your elderly Anki desktop. Do a couple of cards as a sanity check.
  • Completely uninstall Anki from your mobile (to be safe).
  • Install the latest Anki Mobile.
  • Verify that everything looks OK (I can’t remember what an empty Anki mobile looks like.)
  • Press Synchronize on your mobile.


BTW: This might be completely irrelevant, but I’m sure the terms “mount” and “unmount” only apply to complete file systems. They don’t apply to individual files - the way you use the term. For example, I think pen drives are unmounted when you select “Safe to remove”.

I wouldn’t call it the “correct” way, but syncing tends to be easier than manually moving files around.