Does Anki save files remotely?

I recently started using AnkiDroid for ASL. I insert a short video of signing into each card as the answer. What I’m wondering is does Anki same the videos for me, meaning I can delete the files from my phone, or do I need to keep all the videos I downloaded?

AnkiDroid locally stores a copy of files you add
When you add a file, it copies it to AnkiDroid’s internal folder on your phone

Uninstalling AnkiDroid/losing your phone would remove AnkiDroid’s copy, but after a file works in AnkiDroid, you can delete the file in its original location on your phone’s storage.

AnkiDroid requires an AnkiWeb account to backup your data remotely
You may sync with AnkiWeb for free, but it requires consent (an account)

You need to go to Settings → AnkiWeb and enable syncing. you then need to sync and wait for all media data to be uploaded.

You can and should check & download your synced AnkiWeb data using the AnkiWeb site/Anki Desktop.

Aim to follow the 3-2-1 strategy for backups. Backing up to AnkiWeb and downloading to your PC handles this:

  • 3 copies of your data
    • Phone / AnkiWeb / PC
  • 2 different types of media
    • AnkiWeb / Phone / PC
  • 1 off-site backup
    • AnkiWeb
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