Do cards eventually expire?

I can’t find this in the manual or anywhere else, so any help is appreciated.

I’ve been using Anki for a few months to learn Spanish and it’s been a great help. My memory not being what it used to be, I’m worried that if Anki stops reminding me of my most mature cards I will forget them (despite Anki’s best efforts).

Does Anki eventually stop presenting cards to you when it thinks you’ve fully learned them, or do they just drop back to the least frequent (once-a-month) rate?


If you keep answering the cards correctly, the final interval will be 100 years. You can change the maximum interval to 1 month or 1 year in the deck settings.

  • Deck Gear icon > Option > Advanced > Macimum interval [36500]

The Anki manual explains on the following page.


Thank you, @Shigeyuki ! I missed this in the manual, and it’s exactly what I needed.

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