Display images from URL

Example: I have this direct link to an image, how can I use it to display this image on Anki?

I will be exporting cards with images from a CSV file. So there are a lot of links like those.

You could do that using the HTML editor of Anki.

The end result should always be the following:

url-to-image<img src="url-to-image">

There’s several ways to approach this:

  1. Edit the CSV before import (easiest)
  2. Use Find & Replace within Anki
  3. Convert them with JavaScript in your card template (not recommended).


If your CSV has the image URLs in a separate column, you can just add a column before with <img src=" and one after with ">.

Find & Replace

You could use RegEx to wrap your URLs with the image tag. Before I get into the details, I would need to know how exactly your URLs are represented in your CSV. Are they just plain text like this: url-to-image, or wrapped in an <a href="url-to-image"> tag? In the latter case, it’s as simple as replacing the <a> with <img>.

However, it would also be important that any URL is an image URL, not something else OR that they have a very distinct pattern we could use to discern them.


You could dynamically wrap your URLs with image tags. It’s not recommended, because you wouldn’t see the images in the editor.