Disable networking at build time

I want to use Anki at work, but my company’s security department won’t allow it. They are aware that Anki’s cloud-sync features are optional, but it still violates our policy: any software that can store data in the cloud needs to go through an expensive approval process.

I’m currently planning to gut the networking code from a private fork of the Anki repo, then build it myself and run that version at work.

Question: How hard will it be to find and disable all the networking code in the Anki codebase? Any suggestions or tips are welcome.

Feature request: Is there support in the Anki community for a no-networking build? If so, I would be happy to contribute code.

Another thread in this forum, titled “Add a Fully-Offline Option to Anki Desktop,” asked for a “totally offline build,” but that post’s title seems to have confused people; all the comments on that thread explained that Anki can be used in offline mode. That’s a separate matter. This thread is about build-time options, not run-time options.

Please do not respond to this thread by saying that Anki can already be used in offline mode.

[Research: Before writing this thread, I searched for the term “offline” in the Anki manual and on this forum. Apologies if I missed something somewhere else.]

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I’m not a maintainer, but I know the recent source tree fairly well. I think this would be trivial.

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