Add a Fully-Offline Option to Anki Desktop

I really like Anki, but I want to ensure that there’s a totally offline build (for privacy purposes, think contact cards/personal info etc.).

Would be cool if there was an option on Anki desktop to install an offline mode (where networking is ensured to be turned off) or have an option to set to offline mode (could add a warning when Anki starts up that it’s in offline mode) for some uses.

As far as I know, Anki works totally offline unless you create an acoount and use the sync feature.


If you are already logged in, you can log out or disable automatic syncing from Tools > Preferences > Network.


Thank you for your suggestion, paulrmolina. I have the same problem. Anki’s offline functionality is not sufficient for me, either. I created another thread titled “Disable networking at build time” which is similar to this one and more explicit about the difference between builds and run-time options.

use firewall to block anki.exe
work for me

Doesn’t work when users don’t have administrative (or limited) access to the PC they’re working on ):