Difficulty splitting front and back of cards

I have made the CSV files splitting the front and back of the card by colons with no spaces. However the front and back information I have written do not split correctly. I just end up with everything on the front. I have tried to split them with commas, semicolons and colons however nothing seems to work. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to fix this.

Your file must follow some simple rules. Have you read the relevant section of the manual?

Yes I feel that i have followed all of these steps and it is still not working. This is what I have done then I have saved the file as a CSV but anki does not recognise the colons splitting the front and back. It only recognises it for the first card. I have then tried to split with other ways but none of them seem to work.

What is congenital aortic valve stenosis?:Narrow aortic valve at birth, restricts blood flow from left ventricle to aorta; severity varies, determines symptoms.
How is the aortic valve normally composed?:Three leaflets (aortic sinuses of Valsalva) allowing blood flow from left ventricle to aorta, preventing backflow; patients may have varying leaflet numbers.
What are symptoms of mild aortic stenosis?:Often asymptomatic, may be discovered incidentally as a murmur during routine examination.
What symptoms may significant aortic stenosis cause?:Fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting; worsened with exertion due to inadequate outflow from left ventricle.
What are signs of severe aortic stenosis?:Heart failure within months of birth.
Key examination finding for aortic stenosis?:Ejection systolic murmur at aortic area (2nd intercostal space, right sternal border); crescendo-decrescendo character, radiates to carotids.
Other signs on examination for aortic stenosis?:Ejection click just before murmur, palpable thrill during systole, slow rising pulse, narrow pulse pressure.
What’s the gold standard investigation for diagnosing aortic stenosis?:Echocardiogram.
How does congenital aortic stenosis typically progress?:Worsens over time; regular follow-up under paediatric cardiologist with echocardiograms, ECGs, exercise testing.
What are treatment options for aortic stenosis?:Percutaneous balloon aortic valvoplasty, surgical aortic valvotomy, valve replacement.
Complications of aortic stenosis?:Left ventricular outflow tract obstruction, heart failure, ventricular arrhythmia, bacterial endocarditis, sudden death (often on exertion).

Thanks for the example. I’ve just copied your example to a .txt file (you don’t need the first line, “Front:Back”, since a note with “Front” in the front and “Back” in the back will be created), and imported that file using the options below. It worked just fine.

So this must be an issue in my version of anki?

It could be, try using to the last anki version available and import to Basic (not Basic - Type in the answer) notetype.

Are you testing with exactly the same content you posted here? Are there any double quotes used in the file?

Yes it is the same and no not that I am aware of.

I have downloaded the latest version and the same issue is happening.

Note how the first field shown in the preview of your screenshot differs from cqg’s screenshot. I think this is more likely to be some difference in the input you’re testing with than a change in Anki. I recommend you upload the file you’re trying to import to a file sharing service like Google Drive, and then provide a link to it here, so we can test with an identical file to what you’re trying with. Perhaps something went wrong when you copy+pasted the content here, or maybe the forum software changed it somehow.

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