Difference between filtered deck and regular deck in terms of filter parameters

When creating a filtered deck, you are asked to supply a filter, which has three options: “Search”, “Limit” and “select by”. This determines which cards are shown and in what order.

When you study directly from a deck, you do not have to submit a filter by default. Yet, the cards are shown in a specific order, and only certain cards are shown. My question: What are the implicit default filtering options used by normal decks? In other words, if I had a set of cards tagged “study” and were in a deck called “studyDeck”, and I were to make a filtered deck of these tagged cards that would work EXACTLY the same way as the deck “studyDeck” how would I go about it?

I ask because I have a set of cards from several decks that I have tagged, and I want to study just those cards. It gets confusing whether to add filtering criteria like “is:due OR is:new” or not, or if I should sort by “order due” or “random”, and every time I rebuild the filtered deck the numbers change in ways that don’t make any sense to me.

Sorry if this has been asked, I didn’t know a way to phrase it to look up if it had been answered.

In a normal deck, you’ll only be shown Review cards that are due (or overdue). To mimic that in a Filtered deck use – deck:studyDeck tag:study is:due – and an unlimited (9999) limit. (I recommend testing your search filter in the Browse window first, so you can finetune it to get what you want.)

If you want to introduce New cards through your filtered deck as well, you can “Enable second filter” to choose a quantity of New cards. For that, use – deck:studyDeck tag:study is:new – and a limit of your choosing.

In a normal deck, the order you see cards is controlled by your Display Options for the preset group of the deck you click on to study. Check there to see what your normal decks are doing. Filter decks have a different set of order options, but many are similar.

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You can do that too, but using a second filter allows you to control how many new cards you want separately.

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