Did iOS autoadvance settings move?

I can’t find the settings anywhere. When reviewing I start autoadvance but it doesn’t do anything.

Yes, it seems the Auto Advance has been moved into the Deck Options(Sutdy Option).
This setting can be synced with Anki for Desktop.(In other words, PCs can now natively use the same functionality as Speed Focus!)

  • [ AnkiMobile ] Review Screen → Gear icon → Sutdy Option ->Auto Advcance

Thanks. this is very useful. I spent the whole night yesterday searching for the autoadvance option.
Only if developers take into consideration that some users are of older generation and it is not that easy for us to keep up with all these updates…

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For future reference, if you visit AnkiMobile’s app store page, you can see a list of notable changes, and this change is mentioned there. ‎AnkiMobile Flashcards on the App Store


The list of changes in the app store is clear and good, I read it. Apple apps are updated automatically, so perhaps existing users don’t access the app store page. (If users want to open it, they need to search for AnkiMobile in the app store.)

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No need to search - in the app store app, tapping on the top right button will show you recently-updated apps and their change notes.

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