Auto advance mode

I wonder if there is any way to use speed mode in ankimobile

If by “speedmode” you are referring to something like Speed Focus Mode (auto-alert, auto-reveal, auto-answer) - AnkiWeb, you can use the “auto advance” feature to automatically show a reminder or answer the card.

Does it work in anki mobile ? Can you share the add on with us

It is built in: Study Tools - AnkiMobile Manual

I couldn’t find it ,could you please show it to me where I add it

The settings can be adjusted from the gear/cog at the top right of the decks list. Review>Auto Advance. To activate it while reviewing, tap the bottom right gear/cog, then scroll down to Auto Advance.

I tried to change it but it doesn’t activate

I had question can I use auto advanced mode with sound in each answer in ankimobile I couldn’t

I tested it again, and it works correctly for me. When you tap on ‘auto advance’ from inside the study screen, it should say “auto advance starting”, and then it will use the delays you configured in the preferences to advance. What do you see?

If you have audio on your cards, and they play normally during review, then they will also play when auto advance is on. If audio is not playing automatically, please make sure your mute/vibrate switch is off.

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